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        Transparent organic glass tube
        • Minimum order:1000
        • Customizable:2
        • Product number:50000
        • Price:Negotiable
        • Lead time:1435593600
        Guangzhou Kangna Ceiling Co., Ltd
        • Audited Supplier
        • Country/Region:China
        • Primary address:The Tenth Floor, Zone B3, Chuangyi Mansion, Lingyu Road, Guangzhou Science City
        • Telephone:020-8732-1195
        • Fax:--
        • Contact:Tian
        • Product description

          Green, dont contain any harmful ingredients.

          No distortion, no mildew and yellow in ten years.

          Look nice and wonderful ceiling in the world.

          Excellent performance, high strength of fireproof, waterproof.

          Thirteen years using test.

          Product specifications

          Ordering and delivery

          Date Posted: 2014. 01. 13

          Valid Until: 2015. 01. 13

        • Guangzhou Kangna Ceiling Co., Ltd. is a professional company to product inorganic composite panels, metal ceilings, aluminum veneer,GRG and so on. Since 1998,depend on technical expertise, our company has become the best manufacturer in China ceiling market. Always, we guide the trend of ceiling.


          The ceiling which our company products never appears the deformation, yellow and moldy in 17 years. It really is long-term economic benefits for buyers. So far, a growing number of buyers choose the ceiling to use in symbolic buildings including Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and so on in China. 

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