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Convenient Way of Working in China
2014-03-12 18:47:12   Views:560

When you are looking for Chinese suppliers, you should join hands with an experienced consultant. They can connect with leading manufacturers. There are factories and workshops all over China. It is quite difficult to locate a business partner in China. But there is a person who are sitting far away in a western nation. He can take help of a consultant in locating a supplier.

Who is he? First thing is that the consultant should be based on China and he should have an extensive network in important cities or business hubs. He has offices in different cities in China and has business contacts with leading manufacturers who can provide great help to a western business. As the demand of growing, all of things should be come from China.


For instance, take a famous Reebok that get its products manufactured and finished from one of the factories in China. You can find any manufacturer that can provide you quality footwear. As a result, you can sell in local market.There are many factories in China, but one would need doing much Internet research to find right manufacturer. Because the leading manufacturers are busy completing their present orders, it is difficult that you want to look for manufacturers situated at remote areas when you have no representative office in China. 

But it will become easier when there is someone to manage your business interests. The same as below picture. Working with a consultant saves time and money as the consultant would handle all the business related activities and keep his client free to focus on other work. Right from searching Chinese suppliers to controlling the logistics, the consultant would do the entire job for a meager commission.There are many Chinese suppliers but you can't explore the market without being represented in China.


Find someone that can truly represent your business in this country. Your consultant should be an experienced business person and he should have fair knowledge of the trade related activities. Also the consultant should be willing to find suppliers in extra time, doing quality check of the finished goods and handling logistics.




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