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How to Buy the Best Tile
2014-03-12 09:38:58   Views:557

Do you know the tile?  Do you choose to have good tile?  What  happened to you when you are buying tile? In fact,  it is important thing that you should select tile. Once there are any problems, the consequences are serious. Before you pick tile, you must pay attention to below points.

 Buy cost-effective products

 When you buy products, you have to limit spending and can be refined to the proportion of the cost of using each region, such as the living room floor tiles. How many bathroom tile? It may be clear at first,  then we can select cost-effective products. If you know the spending on it, you will choose the scope of what the brand within the price range of the best quality products. Choosing cost-effective product is an important aspect of saving money.

Rational design of the paving program

See this tile, a lot of people would say that can we design the paving program as well? Yes! If you want to save money, you can do it. A good rational design of the paving program plays a very important role on the cost for expenditure.

In order to reflect good results, many manufacturers have introduced a lot of ancillary products, such as wall supporting the waistline tile, floor tile matching corner kick, parquet and other places, the use of these complementary, can really highlight the overall effect. But it no necessary to use them to achieve good results, the answer is no, do not use or less use of ancillary products, the same rational design can achieve very good results.

Choose the right product

For the same brand, different series of different specifications, the difference in prices is big, so we must consider themselves what kind of series and specifications is suitable for yourself. At this point, for example, some of the previous the doctor said, "If you can not take the medication does not take medicine, if you can take medicine, do not injections, if you can, do not infusion." In fact, for tile consumption, the same is true, if they can reach a good the effect, the large size of the product can not do well. If you can use an ordinary family tiles, would not just research and development of new products. In general, the same range of products, the larger tile size is higher prices.

According to the requirements, reduce spending, and now a lot of friends buy the home improvement area in accordance with the actual tile, but  it goes far beyond this number in the , why is it so? Except error calculation, outside is the inevitable provincial consumption. It is also very important that aspect waste construction caused by worker.  Paving bricks do not line up front and rework waste caused by improper waste, which should be noted.



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