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Good Suggesting by Importing From China
2014-02-26 18:03:29   Views:715
If you build your own house, it is a major undertaking and a fascinating opportunity to harness your creativity, planning and organization skills and subsequently feel proud of the fruit of your efforts. Creating new things, especially something as big as a new home,  is one of the greatest sources of satisfaction. But to enjoy the process, you will need to be sure that you have enough spare time available as it involves quite a lot of research and planning. 

You'll also have to find a way to reconcile your desire to build the home of your dreams with your budget. One major budget saver is purchasing the raw materials and furniture directly from a manufacturer (as opposed to from a retailer). Purchasing the goods from China is a good idea for you.

Why China?

China has become an important exporting country for marble, granite and other natural stone products. This country is capable of supplying high quality and low cost building and carving stones due to its low labor costs, rich natural stone resources, fierce competition between Chinese manufacturers and internationally recognized traditional workmanship. A big percentage of the materials and products offered by shops around the world are made in China, but are sold at a marked-up price. Although China has a reputation for poor quality,  this problem can be avoided by steering clear of electronics and complex technology and focusing on products where quality can easily be checked before the goods are delivered.

Some suggesting

"A staircase that I really like from a "distributor" in Florida costs $27000 (twenty seven thousand). I found the EXACT same staircase from the Manufacturer in China on their Chinese web site. Quoted price from the factory is 18800 RMB (Chinese currency), which converts to $2752. I also found the sofa that I bought for $2400 in the USA at the Chinese manufacturer for $300."

"I recently installed kitchen units manufactured in China. I found the quality to be far superior to locally manufactured units. The knockdown units are stronger than the assembled units locally available and components such as handles and hinges are high quality. The cost was about 30% cheaper than quotes I obtained from local manufacturers. Granite worktops imported from China cost about 40% cheaper than locally sourced granite." Ahmed Motala.

"It certainly will be much cheaper than in the UK. I live in a small African island and many of my friends bought many materials in China(ceramics, floor tiling, plumbing, lighting, furniture…in fact anything you need for a house…even gates!) in Guangzhou.They all said it was worth it and it was cheaper by at least 20% which is a lot of money if you're building a house, every penny counts."

"Two young builders from Brisbane came to China last year and went shopping with me.

They bought their tiles, bathroom fittings, moldings, electric switches, light fittings, a complete kitchen, ready to install. Their total cost was ha, the cost in Austrmoldingser everything was paid and they ended up with something just as good, for half the price and different from all the other "

Project Homes

"Curtains will always be very cost effective. If you're prepared to spend 10 pounds per meter for the "Best Heavy Silk Fabric" you will be buying exactly the same as the 80 pounds fabric in the UK. However for even 3 pounds per meter you can find something nice that IS silk"
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