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Finding the True and Good Suppliers in China
2013-12-11 09:33:06   Views:1009

Many friends asked me how to find the true and good suppliers in the recent few days. I summed up some points and introduce to you.


1. Analysis of basic information.

General formal manufacturers will leave its detailed contact address, such as telephone number, place of business, business projects, etc.. If you are in the wholesale market generally, will write clear and specific market name and file slogan; the office will write clear and specific house number. So, just write a more general address, you have a lot of attention, you must ask.


2. The analysis of the image 

Generally true vendors now have the basic physical picture will be used to show information. Although sometimes not very nice picture taken, this would require the buyer to have a vision through the physical picture Laixun find the products they need, it would need more and sellers consultation questions. The other is the image update rate, for no dealings with the seller, if the long-term picture is not replaced, the price does not fluctuate, it needs more attention.


3. The analysis of price

Many buyers were cheated. So that many suppliers sold the inferior goods. You should know the true price from some channels. You should know the reasons that the goods are so cheap. Generally , the price is the cheapest the poorer.


4.To judge from the Chat

Be sure to chat more about product details before you decide to buy.  Details are the best explanation that the product quality is good or bad. A good supplier should be able to explain to you patiently without hurry your play money. Of course, this situation is not absolute, and rely on their own and more experience, more than judgment.


5. The most important fieldwork

Many customers who want to see the goods in the suppliers’ company were rejected because of the variety of reasons. You should give up these goods whatever any reasons when they rejected you go to their company and see the goods. Of course, some suppliers will give you a company address when you want to see their goods. In fact, the address may be not true. So you’d better see the goods personally when you decide to buy.  


If you can’t go to the supplier company because of the time problem. When you choose the suppliers, you can find the supply information from these trustworthy sites such as When you published your demand information, the website staff will match 20-30 golden suppliers. These suppliers have been the field-certified suppliers.


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