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Sourcing the Best Suppliers in the Chinese Market
2013-12-10 09:55:06   Views:859

If the modern enterprise wants to have some influence in the market competition, quality suppliers are inseparable. Not behind closed doors , because of any enterprise need other industries supporting services. So how to choose the best suppliers, what kind of criteria to select, price, service, and quality and so on. 

That is a more persuasive case to illustrate in a client of our company: 

A customer with us for a long time, they are doing mechanical equipment.  Because there are certain orders, our prices are still dropping lower and lower, below market prices basically,  not only our timely delivery and perfect after sale service but also other businesses cannot compare, but because of a return of the reasons, resulting we have a little misunderstanding. We have been associated guidance is based on the process, not the responsibility of the decline, we have never turned down their responsibilities. 

Moreover, we will also bear the losses within the appropriate range of non-responsibility for our cause, I think we have tried our best. 


But people will have the habit of numbness, when such services when the event is not timely, that their interests will receive a great deal of harm. So they rush to change suppliers, hoping to find better than our suppliers. Many suppliers in the Competition. They also found a "wishful" suppliers, which price, quality, service satisfaction is so fresh, just like the excitement just love it.

To my surprised, after a few months, their purchase suddenly gives us a call, they hope to do a number of conveyor belts. Our relationship has been broken for months, so that we can not accept the reality,  we decided to find out why.

In procurement and sincere conversation, we learned that they choose a supplier, the original price is very low, and promised timely service, quality assurance. But after a month, they continue to raise the price of the requirements,  saying that should the market needs of the market, initially purchases would be acceptable.  Sure their prices are low, then raise prices every month will Bianzhaofaer (because initially the basic price competition is no profit space for the transaction only one client only), not in the constant price war and Services timely (sometimes purchase a conveyor belt and therefore need a couple of weeks time delayed delivery) so that the image of the boss of purchases continued to decline. Therefore, we re-found purchasing decisions.

In this context, I have been honest with the purchase of the conversation, who talk about each other's long-term cooperation is very important, not because of the special events leading to interruption relations . We should rethink how can do well without prejudice to the interests of both sides. So we have to re-establish the relationship between supply and demand.

Final note: the purchaser must leave sufficient time to compare multiple and multiple visits before selecting buyers. After determining the vendor, do not easily replace your suppliers. Especially the choice of suppliers is online, as suppliers and buyers relatively far apart, there is no way to conduct site visits, so be sure to choose a qualified certification. 

Especially overseas purchase, who must find trustworthy B2B sites at first,  generally the kind of large-scale B2B site has a number of quality suppliers. You can now go to ad on, that platform will generally match 20-30 field-certified quality suppliers for you.

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