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Ten Tips of Keeping Supplier Quality for Purchasing
2013-12-09 09:32:36   Views:986

When you have a company, you need some source of goods. How to found good source? Which is true quality goods. So I summarized 10 tips.

1. New style. 

If the goods have a good sale, it must get a lot of people’ love. Found its target groups. Design its style by the groups’ needs.

2. Quality. 

Good quality, which contains two sides materials and workmanship. But it is impossible that everything is good. The key is the needs of the purchaser .

3.  Value for money. 

It is a suitable price for your goods. Believe it, the purchase isn’t a fool. Suitable price can save a lot of time for the two sides.

4. Reasonable profit. 

When the purchaser chooses supplier, generally, they measure a good from brand, quality, scarcity, culture and so on. So it will decide the profit.

5. Product Image requires real shot. 

The photo is important when purchase chooses supplier online. A high resolution product images can be added to many of their products.

6. Adequate inventory or rapid productivity. 

The distributors hardly get an order, suddenly, the supplier said out of stock. This is very embarrassing. Good supplier should promise adequate inventory at all times.

7. Customer service online for a long time, good service. 

Notify product shelf down in time, are promptly notify the details related activities? Whether the product promptly notify changes, with their online time synchronization. Customer service distributor of new and old alike, will determine the business distributor stores. 

8. Fast delivery.

It is should pay attention to two aspects of fast delivery. One is the logistics company pickup frequency, a transportation logistics company delivery speed. If you can do both at the same time can be given preferential treatment in postage, large shipments because they will get a preferential delivery price.

9. High speed and good service. 

If you have a good returns conditions, the distributors will have 100 times the confidence to sell products. Simultaneously returns processing speed are fast, timely processing of distributors back pieces. So that distributors can refund rate is higher than the industry average. And you can improve their branded products. hile a replacement in a timely manner, to help distributors shop dynamic score higher than competitors.

10. A unified prices and strict regulatory measures. 

In general, the distribution vendors who sell products, are hoping to recruit a lot of quality, expand brand awareness. However, it is a problem that many distributors who brought the same product have different price. For example, is a B2B trade platform. After the foreign purchasers publish the purchasing information, a supplier contact the purchaser for his product, then other distributors is using exactly the same product with its title, and the standard low price, you can imagine the consequences too. Distributors  are no problem, the question is whether you are able to govern the behavior of all the cheapest. Suppliers should make sure the price and quality of their products.

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