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    Transparent organic glass tube
    • Country:Malaysia
    • Quantity:20000
    • Release Date:2014-03-28
    • Business Language:English,Chinese,
    • Business Time:10:00~18:00
    • Effective Inquiry:Only 0 days
    Detailed Puchasing Information
    The designs that i want, at  0.53kg our target price is
    material cost $0.8/pcs, machining cost $0.2/pcs, total price FOB $1/pcs, mould cost$267
    We will need 20000 pieces for each each of them, please check the unit for me in FOB price and send me invoice
    so we can make deposit payment as soon as possible so you can start with the order immediately.
    Please advise delivery date and price of all orders  on attachment. Payment will be arrange soon.
    I await your invoice with bank account information for payment
    Look forward to your urgent reply
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